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Skupics Studios loves taking your products and making them shine for your online use.  We have photographed everything from worms to electrical boxes.  We will photograph your product, place it on a white background (or the color of your choosing), deliver it to you resized and named the way you like.  Our standard turnaround for this service is 7-10 business days however, we frequently like to surprise with early delivery.  We also offer lifestyle images for a little bit extra to really get your products to POP!

360 Spins

We love showing all angles of your product with a simple 360 spin.  We will take your product, spin it and deliver a series of images to you to plug into your site.  Don't want to do spins of all of your products?  That is no problem.  We can help you choose the best products to feature, and then take stills of the rest!  Spins start at only $99!




If you have a lot of products or possibly perishables that are hard to ship we will come to you!  Skupics has a mobile system and has frequently traveled to meet our client's needs.  This service is quoted by project because of the many factors that need to be taken into consideration.  If this is something you are interested in, contact us today!


*Price Per Image Includes:

  • Product prep that includes cleaning smudges, steaming fabrics, and minor product assembly

  • Color correction

  • Removal of minor imperfections and dust

  • Background removal

  • Pure white and/or transparent background

  • High resolution images

  • JPEG, TIFF, or PNG images (or all)

  • Resizing

  • Custom file naming conventions

  • Unlimited usages and ownership of all images

Metadata Collection

While we have your products in our hands for photography, we can also collect its metadata - product size, weight, color, description, ingredients, warnings... the data points are endless! Once we've captured the data it becomes part of our workflow, just as an image would, going through the QA processes and final delivery methods.  Contact us for a quote.